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COVID-19 has hit all of us hard. Millions are out of work and school is closed for the rest of the semester. One of the consequences of this crisis is school funding. In New York's recent budget, funding from the state was not increased and the state is broke. We need help from the federal government to ensure that our students have the resources to get the best education possible.

Right now leaders in Washington, like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have said that they would prefer state declare bankruptcy instead of the federal government sending funds to help close the COVID-19 related budget deficits. That is simply not a solution. Bankruptcy would mean significant cuts to education funding, putting our jobs and our students education in grave danger.

This is why we need all HTA members to send a letter to Congress telling them to pass state and local aid in the next stimulus bill. It is our jobs and our kids education that is on the line.

Click here to send a letter to Congress demanding state and local aid.