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Hello and Happy New Year,

Throughout the week we saw many positive cases roll throughout our district which makes me very thankful that we had a virtual week for most of our members. These virtual weeks, after Thanksgiving break and our most recent break, was the work of your union starting discussions back in October to plan these weeks out. It wasn't easy but was definitely a win for our Union. Many districts were in person this week.

Building reps and executive officers have fielded many questions about next week. For the last three days we've been working with the district and trying to build a case to continue virtual learning next week. 

Unfortunately, as we don't have final say in the decision, I was informed today that the district prefers to be in person next week. I felt it was important to let you know as quickly as I could so you can all make plans for next week.  We need to make sure we continue to take all the health and safety measures in place to ensure everyone's safety. I strongly suggest but we try not to eat in the same room with our colleagues.  I know this news is disappointing for most but together we will get through this.  Stay safe!

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