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We hope this update finds you healthy and safe. On Monday we are ready to begin our distance learning, which we know can be very challenging. We continue to receive inquiries regarding video instruction.

Our District has given strong suggestions to live stream, however there have been no directives. As a reminder, we are strongly recommending that you DO NOT use live streaming as your teaching method. We can only suggest what we believe is in the best interest of each member to keep you safe. 

Here is scenario that has come to our attention: In Nassau County, a math teacher was live streaming with her class on Google Meet. A student posted the Meet information on Reddit so people outside the class were able to join. Within minutes of this occurring, many outsiders joined the class and started posting porn for everyone to see.  

Posting a handout, worksheet, or a recorded video/video link is fine. If you are posting a recorded video, we suggest that you do not physically show up in the video. When you are recording, we recommend that you have the camera focused on the document while you are speaking. Remember, when you do a pre-recorded lesson, understand this is inviting students/parents into your home. Please be aware of your environment while recording. Should you choose to contact students or parents with your personal telephone, we suggest that you press *67 to block your personal phone number.

We appreciate all the hard work you have done and are proud to stand together with you during these new and challenging times. If you have any questions, please reach out to your building reps. Stay safe and healthy.