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I hope that this message finds everyone doing well after 6 weeks at home. During these unprecedented times, our members have stepped up to adapt to distance learning and to continue to provide services to our students.

With many of our teachers and staff missing their students and each other many have created videos to reach out during this difficult time.  

Here are some videos from staff letting students know how much they are missed.

High School

Middle School

Bretton Woods

Teachers and staff have also planned parades to wave to their students and let them know they are thinking of them. Some of you have also stepped up to volunteer at the loading dock to provide food to our students and their families. Others have been raising money to provide meals for our frontline healthcare workers and for the union workers who are building overflow hospitals.

Thank you to all of the members who have met this challenge head on. Please stay safe, please keep our students, members, and especially anyone in our district who is sick in your thoughts.