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On November 19, the Hauppauge Teachers Association honored the Hauppauge SRP's throughout the district. SRPs, or School Related Personnel, are the heart of any district. They include all of the staff that are not teachers. We value our SRPs and could not do our job without them.

Thank you to all of the dedicated School Related Personnel in our Hauppauge Schools...we appreciate all that you do!

A special thank you to this year's Honored Middle School SRP, MEREDITH OPPENHEIM!

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, I am extremely surprised that I was voted SRP queen ! I thank all my loyal subjects for voting for me... and for making it so much fun to come to work. You all make me laugh every single day! (and most of the time it is with you , not at you) Seriously, it really does take a village, I couldn't pull it off every day without the other support staff. This honor is for all the office ladies.
The gift was very generous and you can be sure that most of it will go to baking materials. Thanks again." -Meridith
We honored our SRP at HMS with a brunch/lunch. Delicious egg sandwiches and heroes were provided for all to enjoy. Special thanks to Lauren Kurass and Kate Manganiello for organizing an amazing celebration!  

The school secretary is an ambassador for our school. She greets guests, calms anxious parents, comforts children, helps frantic teachers and so much more. Each day Meredith solves multiple problems "on the fly." From substitute schedules to missing iPads to covering a sick teacher's class.  All of these problems and then some are handled in a quick and timely fashion, and always with a smile on her face!

All of this in... addition to making sure paychecks are delivered, ordering supplies, accounting for the safe arrival of each student each day, sticking around after-hours to care for a child whose parent is running late, baking treats on special days...this is Meredith!

Meredith holds a special place in our hearts.  She does so much that goes unrecognized each and every day. "Going the extra mile," is second nature for Meredith. We appreciate all that she does!

"Good afternoon, I have been walking these halls for 9 years now singing this song in my head (please listen)

Today the song became a reality and I could not be more grateful for the honor. I will wear this crown with great pride today. So, thank you for the honor of allowing me to be King.-Mark Bloom

In my almost 20 years in Hauppauge, transferring here 9 years ago was the best decision I made. Forest Brook is a special place and I could not ask for a better building to be in! Together with each of you we will expand my Kingdom beyond these walls."

"While others search for what they can take, a true king searches for what he can give." - Mufasa

Forest Brook Elementary School celebrated Mr. Mark Bloom, Head Custodian, as our 2019 SRP King.  Mr. Mark has been at Forest Brook for the past nine years.  Sam Ewing, a former professional baseball player said,  "Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don't turn up at all."  We thank Mr. Mark for turning up, every time.  Mr. Mark is the first person in the building everyday, and often the last person out.  After a big snowfall, he shows up early to shovel the sidewalks and paths so we don't slip and fall. Mr. Mark is who we call for a code 1, 2, 3, or 4 clean up, and he does it with a smile.  Mr. Mark fields the flood of "too hot" and "too cold" complaints from staff and adjusts the classroom temperature regularly.  When a car has a dead battery, we call Mr. Mark for a jump, which is not in his job description.  Mr. Mark works hard behind the scenes, to make sure our school literally shines. Mr. Mark takes great pride in all that he does and it shows on a daily basis.  We thank him for his dedication to the Forest Brook school community.  

rish McKechnie- Teacher Aide in the 8:1:2 class

The Pines would like to give special recognition to Patricia McKechnie as a distinguished SRP (School Related Professional) for the 2019-2020 school year. Trish began working in the Hauppauge School District during the 2015-2016 school year as an aide in Mrs. Lovejoy's classroom. Her compassion and love for working with students with special needs was exemplary from the very beginning and she soon moved into a teaching assistant position in October of 2016.  Trish demonstrates patience, perseverance, and creativity on a daily basis as she cares for and teaches children with behavioral challenges throughout the day. Trish collaborates with Mrs. Lovejoy, Mrs. Graebe, special area teachers, behavioral consultants and therapists to create a learning atmosphere conducive to our children. Trish works tirelessly to create structure and instill a calm environment for the children. Often she seems to intuitively understand the needs of the students who can't verbally express or communicate for themselves. Trish is one of the greatest advocates for our children and often becomes their expressive voice.  


Trish lives in Hauppauge with her husband (Glen) and 3 daughters: Kayla (18), Samantha (16), and Keira (11).   


Congratulations, Trish, for all your hard work and dedication to the students here at the Pines! We are all lucky to have you here and are honored to celebrate you as our spotlight SRP for 2019-2020.   


Jean Liberti- 24 year Lunch Monitor

Jean Liberti is one of this year's Spotlight SRPs. Jean has been at the Pines Elementary School for twenty-four years as one of our trusted lunch monitors. She is a dedicated member of our staff and we are proud to not only call her our colleague, but our friend too.

Jean resides in Brentwood with her daughter, Lisa Marie. She loves to sew and do crafts. Jean enjoys chocolate goodies and is a big fan of Disney and Christmas. Over the last few years, Jean has worked with Ms. Inkele's class. Jean has a heart of gold and feels a special bond with the  students in that class. She truly makes a difference in their lives by being a warm, friendly presence.

Did you know that Jean is one of seventeen children? It's no surprise why she gets along so well with the entire staff and is always offering a friendly hello and smile.

Thank you, Jean for all the little lives you have touched over the years and still continue to touch to this day!

Happy SRP Day  and congratulations as being named one of our Spotlight SRPs for 2019-2020.


Lisa Aquilino -Computer TA

We would like to congratulate Lisa Aquilino as one of Spotlight SRPs for this year. When asked to describe Lisa, here is what many of her colleagues said :


" I love Lisa! She is humble and deserving of this honor. We are extremely blessed to have Lisa in our school. I'm not sure people realize how much she truly does in a day. She is a behind the scenes person who ALWAYS gets back to you as soon as she can. If she doesn't know something she makes sure she finds it out for you. Lisa makes all our lives (especially those with ipads) so much easier. She wears many different hats and looks good in all of them!"


" I really admire Lisa's perseverance and determination to assist me in solving many technology problems. Her patience is extremely appreciated. I feel lucky to have such a dedicated colleague."


" Lisa always goes above and beyond to help anyone. She is there for all of us at the drop of a hat and has the kindest heart. I feel very lucky to work with her."

" Lisa always does everything with a smile, is always pleasant and supportive. The Pines is very fortunate to have her on our staff!"

"Lisa may have one of the most stressful jobs in our building. She never makes you feel inadequate when you don't know the simplest thing with regard to technology. She is always patient, kind and you never feel like you're putting her out. She truly wants to help each and every one of us. She is always upbeat and positive. She deserves this honor!"

Congratulations Lisa on being named a Spotlight SRP at The Pines Elementary School!

Each honoree was presented with a framed letter, written about them by faculty members. The Pines honored all their SRPs this year with another beautiful breakfast and delicious luncheon. Our bus drivers were greeted with decorated baggies filled with treats and thank you cards made by our Student Council Students. Our SRPs were very grateful for their special day!