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Leslie Brophy (Technology Integration Specialist and Home and Careers teacher), Audry Bullara (STEAM Teacher at Bretton Woods and the Pines) and Carrie Pecoraro have been leading the movement with an abundance of distance learning classes.  

STEAM TAs have been creating programs and tutorials for the TAs, aides and monitors in the district. Web classes for basic Google functions like Drive, Meet and Calendar are scheduled regularly. Lori Barnett, Forest Brook Steam TA, Lisa Aquillino, Pines Steam TA and Cyna Buckley Bretton Woods Steam TA make themselves available for individual help as needed.

The entire district was asked to join one Google Classroom called "HPS Distance Learning" and Leslie, Audry and Carrie have been adding tutorial videos and cheat- sheets for tons of different tech tools. They have set up a help desk for tech questions and have been working from that to see what classes are needed. From there they enlisted the help of a few other teachers to teach a class or two: Marissia Femia (ENL teacher at the Middle School), Michele Karszen (Forest Brook Speech Teacher) and Jennifer Shapiro (Middle School Librarian) have helped with Seesaw, Flipgrid and Wakelet. Audrey, Leslie and Carrie have been concentrating on all things Google, including Drive, Classroom, Meet, Forms, Sheets, Docs as well as extensions like Screencastify. The largest crowd of staff was the Google Meet for the entire district to learn how to use a new feature that Google just rolled out for distance learning. This feature allows teachers to create a Google Meet right in their Google Classroom. A total of 145 teachers and administrators attended this webinar.