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On Sunday, May 24th the Defeat DIPG Superhero Sprint & 6K first ever virtual race was held.  Hauppauge teachers, faculty, administrators, staff and their families created one of the largest teams with 345 members!  What an amazing accomplishment that came together in a matter of weeks to honor a warrior - Callie Montera.

Callie's mom, Danielle stated in a message to her family and friends that Callie did not lose her battle with DIPG, but she won against it every day of her young life.  She won it with the smile on her face, the artwork displayed around their home and the love she shared with her family and friends.  The Hauppauge family knew that we wanted to continue to help Callie win in the only way we know how - by uniting together.  Through the registration fees and the t-shirt sales we were able to raise over $9000 for this worthwhile organization performing a vital need to educate and legislate on behalf of families winning against DIPG every day.

Thank you to Dave Schaeffler for putting together this video montage of all our team members.

Thank you to Jamie Edson, Jess Kulesa and Stacey Lasurdo for helping organize this event, the t-shirt orders and distribution.

Thank you to the teachers, faculty, administrators and staff that registered to be a part of Callie's Crew.

And thank you to Callie Montera who taught all of us that life is worth celebrating even on the toughest of days!

Click here to see a video from the event.