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The Hauppauge Teachers Association celebrated the careers of five teachers in June who have retired after years of dedicated service. It is always with mixed feelings that we watch our colleagues move on to the next phase of their lives and we wish them well in all they do!

Janine Brewer 

Janine BrewerAfter 20 years, Janine Brewer is retiring. Due to Janine's easygoing personality and flexibility, she has had many roles in the Hauppauge School District. She has lived and raised her son here in Hauppauge as well. Janine has played a role in the lives of many Hauppauge students as a teaching assistant and as a classroom teacher over the decades. She is a kind, caring and warm person who has an effect on every student's heart. Her patience and compassion for all of her students is immeasurable. Her love for literature, Disney and wonder have had a significant impact on the students she has taught. Janine has spent countless hours before and after school working in her classroom to create projects and memories her students can take with them long after they leave Bretton Woods. It has been a privilege working with such a wonderful colleague. 


Eileen Doda

EileenEileen approached teaching with a sense of humor and smile that made working with her a pleasure. Eileen always put the needs and feelings of her students and colleagues first. Whenever anyone walked into her room she would stop what she was doing and lend a helping hand or friendly ear.   You could often find Eillen staying hours after school to get things done!   Her huge, caring heart had room for everyone, whether hosting a book club or helping out with breakfast or giving encouragement to a student, parent or colleague. Forest Brook will not only miss Eileen but her husband's wonderful breakfasts!



Kevin Dunne

Kevin DunnesKevin Dunne spent his entire teaching career in the Hauppauge school district. Kevin started as an elementary school band teacher and has spent time teaching in the high school and middle school. Most recently, Kevin created the High School audio recording program and taught music theory. Kevin has had a successful career as a professional drummer where he toured with several professional musicians and even played on Broadway. Kevin, a skilled carpenter, will be continuing his carpentry business in his retirement. We will miss Kevin and his sense of humor as he was always cheering up your day with a good joke! 

Jody Liebrock

Jody LiedbrockJody's colleagues refer to her as sunshine as she brightened any room she entered with her beautiful smile and upbeat attitude. In her twenty years as an Art teacher in the Hauppauge School District, she has seen many changes, from paper grade books and hand calculated grades to constantly changing computer systems. She faced supply order challenges and lost keys with that bright smile and constant optimism. She made a difference every time she walked into the classroom, always putting the needs of her students at the top of her priorities with encouragement and praise.   She always had a kind word for a colleague.   Jody always pitched in, creating the scenery for the theater program and creative displays showcasing her students' efforts.   At the retirement dinner, Ruthie Pincus stated, "Jody's students take on the same kindness and openness that she models. They are self-directed, well trained and her room has an aura that can only be created by a master teacher."

Jeanne Pagano

Jeanne PaganoTo know Jeanne is to know that her life is filtered through her quick and dry wit. She is a Special Education teacher and has taught some of Hauppauge's most challenging students. Her dedication to teaching and her love for her students is evident in her constant advocacy to meet their needs. Jeanne faces any situation with a calm demeanor and the patience of a saint. She faces every day with a smile and determination to make her students feel successful and cared for. She has always done what she knew was best for her students.   As a co-teacher, Jeanne is respected; in her most recent role as a teacher in Forest Brook's self-contained class she is a model of what all teachers should be. In even the most trying of circumstances, Jeanne treats every student with dignity, respect, and a smile. For her students, the gains are often minute, but the praise and celebrations spectacular.